The politics of endometriosis

Elephants in the pelvis

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Endometriosis: ignorance, politics and "Sophie's Choice"
This full length article, originally published in the 2003 edition of Gynaecology Forum on endometriosis, beautifully captures the plight of the millions of women who suffer from this disease, where the medical profession is failing them, and the dilemma that faces physicians in providing optimal treatment while staying afloat in a society that is neglecting the health of women.

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Calling for volunteers to save health care!
The American healthcare system is in dire straits. Due to the poor reimbursement of endometriosis surgery, patients with endometriosis are particularly hard hit. Dr. Redwine wrote this witty synopsis and a suggested solution back in the mid-1990s. Now, in 2013 with the Obamacare health plan looming on the horizon the same issues are still very pertinent today. So, how can we bring better healthcare to women with endometriosis with adequate reimbursement of excision surgery? Any volunteers?!